[Soekris] Paint it black! [OT]

Manuel Kasper mk@neon1.net
Tue, 24 Dec 2002 20:04:35 +0100

Hi everybody,

for those of you who dream that their net45xx case would turn black over
night - I actually painted mine black. If you want to see some pics to drool
over ;), here they are:


The procedure was as follows:

1) Removed the old paint by sanding it off (and the net45xx sure does not
have a lousy paint job - it's just the color that I can't stand ;)

2) Painted with Krylon "ultra flat black" spray paint ("satisfaction
guaranteed" - I sure WAS satisfied). Left it to dry for about two hours,
then repeated.

3) Got a local shop with the necessary equipment to make me a self-adhesive
logo from an EPS file. There was a limit to the minimum size of the cut-out
letters, so the LED labels had to be made a bit bigger than I wanted them to
be. The port labels on the back were made with clear stickers.

I think it turned out really nice; that Krylon spray paint stuff sure is
great and easy to use. Of course the paint is more fragile than the original
one, but you can still affix and remove stickers to it without fearing that
the paint might chip off.

Now, Soren, doesn't that convince you to ship black cases? Would save
helluvalot work... ;)

In case you wonder about that m0n0wall thing: some screenshots are available


The things depicted there work already (mostly) - I'm not yet ready to
release it, though. :) It's designed to be an easy-to-use "plug-n-play"
software based on FreeBSD/ipfilter/thttpd/PHP/etc. to turn a net4501 into an
alternative to smaller commercial firewall boxes.

Merry Christmas to everyone!