Antenna matrix

All values are in dB. A positive value in the matrix means that the antenna in the corresponding row was stronger than the antenna in the corresponding column. Statistics are calculated from the average difference in (normalized) SNR between two antennas in reports from the same spotter at the same time. They do not take different radiation patterns into account.

The number of reports depends on factors like number of transmissions, QRM from other WSPR stations, or transmit power, and is not an indicator of performance.


Circle size corresponds to SNR, and color to antenna. Click antennas in the list above to show/hide the corresponding spots.

Distance vs. average SNR

This chart shows the average SNR (normalized to 30 dBm transmit power) by distance group for each antenna. All spots are considered (not just matching spots).

Matching reports

Matching reports are reports where the same reporter has seen signals from multiple antennas at the same time. SNRs are normalized to 30 dBm transmit power.

All reports