CW/Morse training with SOTA chaser callsigns

Want to improve your CW skills? To simulate the conditions in a SOTA pile-up, I have written a script that picks callsigns from last year's SOTA Chaser Roll of Honour at random, choosing them in relation to their “Activators Worked” ranking. The idea is to hear frequent chasers more often while practicing, as in a real pile-up.

Type the callsigns that you hear in the text field that appears after clicking the Start button, one callsign per line. You can display the actual list of callsigns to check (correct/incorrect calls will be highlighted automatically). If you miss a callsign, just leave a blank line.
To pause/resume the audio quickly, press the control (Ctrl) key.

This page uses the jscwlib library to generate CW audio in the browser. To practice other aspects of CW than callsigns, is an excellent and free tool to learn CW in your browser, without having to install any software on your computer.

Note that you need a modern browser (HTML5) for the audio player to work.

If checked, all chasers have the same probability of being chosen, regardless of their ranking.

Questions? Ideas? Email (Manuel HB9DQM)